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IZANGOMA Cinna Mhambaia

"IZANGOMA Cinna Mhambaia"

Date of birth:
Studbook N°:
VDH 18/109 13703
LEEURIF Umbuse Mhambi
YE JAPHA Gaia Xolani
Christine Ambrosi
Christine Ambrosi
red wheaten
Dilute Status:
DD homozygous
Degenerative Myelopathy:
N/N homozygous
Hemophilia B:
X(N)/X(N), X(N)/Y homozygous
Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy:
N/N homozygous
Cinn(i)a is an old Celtic name and means "beauty", and that she is, beautiful inside out. She is well-balanced, relaxed, curious, smart, people oriented and very open-minded. The Celtic name covers her German birthplace. The name Mhambaia includes her father Mhambi and her mother Gaia. Mhambi is Zulu and means "traveler", which fits very well for our tri-national mating, considered to the pure African origin Cinnas. The name Gaia comes from Greek mythology, so Mhambis homeland is also reflected. We are multicultural.