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How I came to the Ridgeback?

He came to me.

I wasn't planning to get a dog, neither was I reading books or searching the internet.

He just entered my life.

When we first met, he decided for me right away. He clearly showed me and his owner in many situations that he had chosen me as his new attachment figure. He neither drank nor ate for days at a time when I wasn't there. Because he was so unhappy, he was allowed to move in with me and we have become inseparable ever since.

Brix was my heart, a loyal soul, my rock and my sixth sense. It was through him that I got to know and love the irresistible traits of the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Summer 2013 - with Gaia & Brix

Meanwhile I have read many books, the pack has increased and I'm totally infected with the Ridgeback bug.

We live in Germany in Selm, a town right on the border between the Ruhr-Area and the Münsterland, inbetween Dortmund and Münster. Our location is central and yet rural.

Christine Ambrosi & the iZangoma pack