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Djuma is six weeks old

Little Djuma turned six weeks old yesterday. She is a real sunshine. At first I was wondering if it would affect her development negatively, that she has no siblings. Thereof I can't see anything so far. She is very curious, observes interested and absorbs all environmental stimuli to learn. Without fear and with great self-confidence, she discovers the world. It's a pleasure to see how she can deal with herself, either with toys, with dandelion flowers, dry leaves, or the seesaw and much more. But she also keeps me and Anandi in check, plays, rages, tries out and tests limits. Djuma learns from the iZangoma pack how Ridgebacks communicate and interact, we're giving her the best possible socialization. I experience the time with her very intensively, she is really very special ♥

5th Week

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Name: Djuma
Liebe Franzi, danke für Deine lieben Worte und viele Grüße von meiner Menschin ;-) Ich entdecke jetzt weiter die Welt und kann mein neues Leben kaum abwarten. Mach's gut und liebe Grüße, Djuma
Name: Franzi Tesmer
Guten Abend klein Djuma. Ganz zufällig bin ich auf dich aufmerksam geworden und von diesen tollen Bildern deines jungen Lebens begeistert .
Deine Menschen führen eine klasse Hompage .
Alle Gute für das neue Leben das dich erwarten wird ♥
Liebe Grüße ,Franzi