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Welcome to iZangoma Rhodesian Ridgeback

The iZangoma are the traditional healers of the Zulu and Bantu.

They are born as such and their special abilities are a gift and cannot be acquired or learnt.

They are in contact with their ancestors, who help them interpret visions and dreams and also give them strength and protection.

Dear friends of Rhodesian Ridgebacks,

I am glad, you found your way to iZangoma Kennel.

My Name is Christine Ambrosi, I am a breeder with the VDH/FCI in Germany.

On these pages you can get to know us a litte and click through our picture gallery.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

  Gaia and Brix 2014


Cinna and the C-Litter turn 2 years


Cinna and the C-Litter turn 2 years

Happy Birthday my dear Mhambaias, love and all the best, health and happiness ♥ I am grateful that you all ended up with such great families and know that you were all spoiled today. Many more happy birthdays to come ♥ mehr

It's Gaias Birthday


It's Gaias Birthday

My dearest Gaia, today you will be 9 years old. Just stay for a long time as you are, then we are all happy! Your pack loves you dearly ♥



Djumas eighth week

Djumas eighth week

My little Djuma is now eight weeks old. The day she's going to move out is getting closer and closer. She has developed great. She still discovers the world completely undaunted. A sunshine is ready to get to know life. She is already eagerly ...

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