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A visit to Switzerland

A visit to Switzerland

On Sunday, 4 May 2014, we went to beautiful Ticino, Switzerland, to meet IJABA Acai. He is an impressive, beautiful male dog with a great character – he is calm, friendly and confident and loves being canoodled! I immediately got caught by his charisma. Gaia is usually very picky in terms of male dogs, but she liked Acai right away and he seemed to feel the same way. Regarding looks and behaviour they made a very harmonious impression together. The visit convinced me to pick Acai as the father of my iZangoma A-litter. I thank Raffaela Quadri for her hospitality and the trust she put in Gaia and myself! And I sincerely thank Susanne & Michael Psiuk from Lionsriver Kennel for the determining tip! Last but not least: thanx Jörg :-)




Visit to Switzerland May 2014


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